Mission Statement

Radiance Foundation's mission is promoting health and wellness in Ojai Valley and throughout Ventura County. Our foundation advances its goals through education and uniting people, organizations and resources with this common purpose.


We collaborate with the medical community, holistic health-care practitioners, government agencies, businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, health organizations and foundations. We promote preventative health programs, education and research to help provide real opportunities for applying scientifically verifiable solutions to practical everyday life in an effort to uplift our communities in a most fundamental way.

Partnering in Ventura County

Radiance Foundation is a member of the Healthy Ventura County Partnership. We are a coalition that includes representatives from Ventura County Public Health, community organizations, direct health service providers, food security organizations, schools, local area businesses, and government agencies.

We come together to share resources and promote policies and services for the sake of a healthy Ventura County. For a calendar of health fairs and events in Ventura County, and also to find healthy recipes and resources, please visit our website at: www.healthyventuracounty.org